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Tradesift Software

TradeSift Pro is designed to enable robust and consistent analysis of trade data and trade policy choices. It is a low cost, easy to use tool and a valuable resource for governments, international organisations, NGOs, private sector businesses, consultancies, banks, trade analysts, researchers… for anyone interested in trade!

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TradeSift Pro Software

Turning Data into Information and Information into Knowledge

Easily load your data on trade in goods, services or value-added trade, or data on tariffs into TradeSift Pro.


  1. Use standard trade databases, such as WITS, Comtrade, TRAINS, Eurostat, BACI and Global Trade Atlas.
  2. Use your own national trade data from your statistical agencies.
  3. Analyse annual, quarterly and monthly data.
  4. TradeSift comes with additional reference data, for example country lists, currencies, descriptions of the key nomenclatures and concordances.
  5. Work at any level of disaggregation up to the 12 digit level.
  6. Provides user with the ability to look at trade data using any of the standard classification schemes (eg. BEC, SITC, HS etc)

Quickly view and summarise your data in powerful pivot grids. Visualise your data with instant charts and tables. Analyse the data with a full set of built in indicator calculations.

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  1. Rapid viewing and analysis of data on trade in goods, trade in services as well as barriers to trade such as tariffs.
  2. Auto-generated analytical tables and scatter plots which cross classify information e.g identifying which sectors in which your exports are growing and for which world demand is also growing.
  3. Value Chain Analysis: compatible with both the WIOD and the OECD’s TiVA databases.
  4. Easy identification of ‘sensitive’ or strong sectors and hence export potential. Track the evolution of tariffs and identify the possible non-tariff barriers.
  5. Organise and analyse your data by groups of goods eg. high, medium and low technology goods.
  6. Includes a range of indicators of trade performance, trade similarity, diversification, competiveness, specialisation and more.
    OPN – Openness
    RCA – Revealed Comparative Advantage
    RMA – Revealed Market Access
    RECPI – Relative Export Competitive Pressure Index
    FKI – Finger-Kreinin Index
    IIT – Intra-Indsutry Trade
    TII – Trade Intensity Index
    TCI – Trade Concentration Index

Use TradeSift’s integrates report writer to produce final reports. Drag and drop your charts and tables straight onto your report and save in all common document formats.

Report Pro

  1. Displays your data and results of your analysis in a wide variety of live and standard charts, trade monitor index and live and standard tables.
  2. Use our built in word processor to create new or existing reports without ever having to leave the program. Any charts or tables you have created in TradeSift can simply be dropped into the word document for your ease.
  3. Use our built in Excel-style spreadsheet to create variety of tables and to display your analysis. Any charts or tables you have created in TradeSift can simply be dropped into the word document for your ease.
  4. TradeSift operates when you are not connected to WiFi or the Internet. You can continue performing your analysis or writing your reports when travelling or where there is no internet.