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Peter Holmes

Peter Holmes

InterAnalysis Director

Peter is one of InterAnalysis’s Directors and Co-founders. Peter is also a Reader in Economics at the University of Sussex, having experience in teaching, researching, and training in the field of international trade and regional integration. Peter has experience working on RTAs, WTO issues including competition policy and dispute settlement, as well as supervising and managing projects, in collaboration with partners in France, Poland, India China, South Africa and Kenya. He has been a consultant to the European Commission, the World Bank and the UK DBIS and DFID. He has delivered Tradesift courses in many countries including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Peter attained a BA and PhD in Economics from the University of Cambridge, UK. He has been for many years a visiting professor at the College of Europe, Bruges and Warsaw. He speaks English and French.

Peter’s selected publications include:
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