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Introducing TradeSift Pro: Our smart new software!

Introducing TradeSift Pro: Our smart new software!


We are delighted to tell you about our new TradeSift Pro software!

Our experts have listened to your feedback and developed and re-generated TradeSift to ensure your analysis of trade and tariff data is sharp, savvy and simple – allowing you to get the best possible results!


New Features:

Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheet.

Analytical tables.

IIT, RCA and TII indicators can be directly dragged onto a trade query to display the indicator side by side with the trade data.

Live charts.

Import Microsoft Word and Excel documents into the project.

When a project is opened its state is restored to when TradeSift was closed.

Custom calculated columns can be added to the viewed data.


General improvements:

New clean office inspired ribbon interface.

Faster to calculate most indicators.

Projects can now be created on removable media and easily copied without having to pack and unpack.

Improved print and export features.

Analysis tabs can be docked side by side as well as undocked from the main interface.

Automatic saving of the project.

Increased the number and type of summary fields.

More than one summary field can be displayed at the same time.

CSV files using the pipe or tab delimiter instead of a comma can be loaded.

Improved and feedback loading custom product groups.

Improved opening times of items in the Project Explorer, especially saved indicators.



Able to create a “live” chart that updates automatically as the data selection is changed.  The live chart can be docked to the side, above or below a data tab.

New can create scatter plots.

Project Explorer:

Can edit both the name and description of an item in the project explorer.

Can open a copy of an item from the project explorer.

New folders can be created at any level in the project explorer, including the top level.

Saved Ranges:

Saved ranges are now shown in the project explorer.

Saved ranges of the same type can be dragged on top of each other to create, common, intersect and difference ranges.

Contents of the saved ranges can be viewed and exported.


TCI can now by calculated by Country as well as Product.


TII can now be calculated on Imports as well as Exports.


The latest TiVA indicators can be loaded and displayed.

The initial display from a TiVA query will only show indicators that have data loaded instead of all 30 plus indicator columns.

Reference Data:

Custom product names can be amended.

Custom country names can be amended

Display order of custom product groups can be amended.

TradeSift Pro’s built in indicators are now faster and host brand new features. For example, once you’ve calculated an indicator you can now drag and drop a second indicator onto your working. This is allows you to instantly see comparable indicators side by side. In addition, you can easily save lists of industries (and countries) and then compare the lists to see. For example,which products (countries) are common, or which products are not in both lists.  Some indicators also include greater flexibility, making the possibility of deeper analysis available too.

TradeSift Pro boasts a brand new interface, where you can work on your analysis and written reports side by side using our Office compatible suite of word-processing and spreadsheet facilities. You can also import and export your word and excel documents, meaning that you can now edit or add to your pre-existing work.

We have also revamped our charts and tables! You can do LIVE charts, scatter plots and have introduced a wide range of options so that when you are ready to present your work, the charts and tables can be tailored to suit your needs.

TradeSift Pro generates NEW analytical tables which enable users to summarise data and look at the relationships between variables in simple tabular form. For example, if you want to know for how many products your exports have increased, and compare this to changes in world demand – this is easily done. The tables can also show the share of trade accounted for by these industries, and will identify which are the industries concerned.

TradeSift Pro auto saves your projects and if for any reason your browser closes, TradeSift will restore your previous workings as if nothing happened!

We would love you to try TradeSift Pro! To download your free 15-day trial visit www.tradesift.com

Don’t forget, it’s great hearing back from you too so, please do  Contact Us with your feedback!

The InterAnalysis Team