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Introducing TradeSift Edu

Introducing TradeSift Edu

Our Trade Analysis tool designed for the higher education market!

We are very excited to tell you about our brand NEW TradeSift Edu software that looks to complement any course in International Economics or Regional Integration. Allowing deeper understanding of theoretical concepts and far greater employ-ability prospects!
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Being able to use and apply real-world trade policy data as an educational resource not only allows students and scholars to create empirical stories around key questions of trade, but also improves their understanding and engagement with the supporting theoretical concepts, which they can then apply when in employment.  

TradeSift Edu lets you to look at Trade, Tariff and GDP data up to the 4 digit level and allows  analytical calculations using various diagnostic indicators, including Revealed Comparative Advantage, Intra Industry Trade or the Finger-Kreinin Index. Insightful analysis becomes possible for the student with TradeSift Edu, and the presentation of their workings can be modified using a wide variety of live charts and tables. Students can easily insert their workings into the built-in word processor, which is fully compatible with in Microsoft Office – making the overall process of writing reports or producing studies quick and reliable.

With TradeSift Edu, we are able to help students meet the demands of employers, by helping them to turn raw data and economic theory into practical economic analysis. Many critics of current economics teaching complain that students know too little about real world economies and data about them. Tradesift gives students both transferable data analysis skills  and empirical insights into actual patterns of trade flows, by region by product etc. Its analytical concepts are strictly tied to statistical counterparts. These skills will be highly useful for work as an economist.

We would love you to try this new software. To download your free 15-day trial, please click here!

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