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GSP+, Islamabad, Pakistan | Peter Holmes

GSP+, Islamabad, Pakistan | Peter Holmes

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Peter Holmes visited Islamabad Pakistan, May 15-18th, to speak at a workshop run by the Development Solutions GSP Evaluation programme  http://www.gspevaluation.com/. He presented the preliminary results on behalf of the team.

From an economic perspective GSP+ appears to have given Pakistan’s flagging export sector a boost in its most important market.

Pakistan remains very dependent on ready made garments and their preferences given by GSP+ are really valuable.

Local officials and experts contributed to a very lively discussion.

There was general agreement, as stressed by the Attorney General,  that the social policy requirements were not onerous impositions but were linked to targets set by Pakistan for itself in its own constitution. And by linking them to exports GSP+ creates a business constituency  eager to press the government to comply. There was no complaint that business could not afford the ILO obligations, but a suggestion that the in formal sector should also meet them, a point echoed by trade unions.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet old friends from previous Tradesift work shops. [Some of them are here in the charming dinner arranged by Ms Robina Ahmed]