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Going Global 2019

Going Global 2019

27 November 2019

It was a pleasure to attend this years Going Global event at Excel, London.

This year, we were kindly hosted by our friends at Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA). Michael Gasiorek is on GTPA’s International Affairs and Trade Policy Committee.

GTPA is collaborating with InterAnalysis (and universities internationally recognised for their specialisms in and around trade) to develop and deliver Executive level strategic trade expertise, while also enhancing levels of key trade competences in organisations through ISO certified skills.



Going Global 2017 – Our theme was Brexit: Which Industries Might See an Impact if We Fall of The Cliff Edge. You can watch Michael’s seminar. You can also download an example of our Export Opportunities Report (here we use the Whiskies and Vehicles as example industries).

Going Global 2016 –  our first Going Global event. where we presented ‘Analysing Brexit on Trade and Identifying export market potential’. The seminar showed visitors how to use freely available international trade and tariff data to understand the potential impacts Brexit may have within trade sectors. The seminar also provided visitors with key considerations on strategically planning for Brexit, bearing in mind that while there are key risks, there are also opportunities.