Here is a list of publications and articles we have authored or co-authored.

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Title Author Publication
Jan 2022 The Ukraine-Russia Crisis and Possible Trade Sanctions Michael Gasiorek, Guillermo Larbalastier UKTPO
Dec 2021 Deepening and Managing Transatlantic Economic Relations Peter Holmes, Guillermo Larbalastier UKTPO
Sept 2021 Two developments for South-South trade and investments post Covid-19 Mateusz Bratek, Peter Holmes, Amrita Saha IDS
July 2021 Honest is such a lonely word Michael Gasiorek, L. Alan Winters UKTPO
June 2021 UK-Australia FTA – Elbow bumps and all Michael Gasiorek, Guillermo Larbalestier UKTPO
April 2021 Two months in: the impact of Brexit on UK trade Michael Gasiorek, Yohannes Ayele UKTPO
March 2021 A Fine Kettle of Fish Michael Gasiorek, Suzannah Walmsley UKTPO
Feb 2021 Two things to know about Freeports Peter Holmes, Guillermo Larbalestier UKTPO
Feb 2021 The value of the CPTPP for the UK Michael Gasiorek, Nicolo Tamberi, Guillermo Larbalestier UKTPO
Dec 2020 A quick recap on the costs of No Deal Michael Gasiorek, Nicolo Tamberi UKTPO
Nov 2020 UK-EU Trade Relations: A checklist of 10 key issues Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
July 2020 Tariff inversion in UK Freeports offers very little opportunity for duty savings Peter Holmes,  Julia Magntorn Garrett UKTPO
July 2020 We’re going to make them an offer they can’t refuse: Rules of origin and the UK-EU free trade agreement Michael Gasiorek,  Julia Magntorn Garrett UKTPO
July 2020 UK-EU Free Trade Agreement: Please Sir, I Want Some More Peter Holmes,  Julia Magntorn Garrett, L.Alan Winters UKTPO
June 2020 The unresolved difficulties of the Northern Ireland protocol Michael Gasiorek,  Anna Jerzewska UKTPO
May 2020 Reflections on the new UK Global Tariff: good in principle, but perhaps not for relations with the EU Michael Gasiorek,  Julia Magntorn Garrett UKTPO
May 2020 New tariff on the block: What is in the UK’s Global Tariff? L.Alan Winters, Michael Gasiorek,  Julia Magntorn Garrett UKTPO
April 2020 Supermarket Sweep: demand, supply and border delays Peter Holmes UKTPO
January 2020 TAF2+ – Bangladesh-EU Trade Policy Options Peter Holmes, Kamala Dawar, Mattia di Ubaldo, Max Mendez-Parra Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
December 2019 How much is a free trade agreement with the US  worth the the UK economy? Michael Gasiorek, Nicolo Tamberi UKTPO
October 2019 Better than the status quo for Northerin Ireland? Not quite so simple Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
October 2019 Economic realities of Brexit for firms and people in Northern Ireland Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
October 2019 Analysing the impacts of a EU-Tunisia DCFTA on Tunisian trade and production Michael Gasiorek, Sami Mouley FEMISE
September 2019 Free ports – preparing to trade post-Brexit Peter Holmes UKTPO
July 2019 Hiccups that make us reel Michael Gasiorek, Julia Magntorn-Garrett UKTPO
April 2019 Indicative Votes – the economics behind the options Michael Gasiorek, L.Alan Winters UKTPO
March 2019 Deal or No Deal: The economic consequences of the UK’s ‘No Deal’ tariffs Michael Gasiorek, Julia Magntorn-Garrett UKTPO
February 2019 What is the extra mileage in the reintroduction of “free zones” in the UK Peter Holmes, Ilona Serwicka UKTPO
February 2019 A spoonful of sugar Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
February 2019 It’s not just about the EU… Michael Gasiorek, Julia Magntorn-Garrett UKTPO
January 2019 A Free Trade Agreement will not solve the Irish border problem Peter Holmes UKTPO
November 2018 What should we make of the Government’s Brexit estimates? Michael Gasiorek, Peter Holmes, Alan Winters UKTPO
October 2018 House of Commons Library Brexit Reading List – 8 titles by Michael Gasiorek, Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo and colleagues  L. Alan Winters, Kamal Dawar, Ilona Serwicka, Alasdair Smith, Rorden Smith and Erika Szyszczak from University of Sussex Gloria Tyler, House of Commons Library House of Commons Library | Briefing Paper: 07830
October 2018 Here’s Another Nice Mess You’ve Gotten Us Into Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
October 2018 Goods In – Services Out: Can the UK Walk on One Leg Ingo Borchert, Peter Holmes UKTPO
August 2018 “Mamma Mia – here we go again” – Equivalence for goods regulation in the Chequers proposal Peter Holmes, Michael Gasiorek, Emily Lydgate UKTPO
July 2018 Fishing in Deep Waters Michael Gasiorek, Suzannah Walmsley UKTPO
July 2018 The future of UK-US Trade: what case for a bilateral trade agreement? Marc Busch, Michael Gasiorek, Peter Holmes, J. Brad Jenson, Rod Ludema, Emily Lydgate, Anna Maria Mayda, Pietra Rivoli, Jim Rollo, Stephen Weymouth, Rorden Wilkinson and L. Alan Winters UKTPO
July 2018 Does the Chequers agreement provide any steps to Brexit heaven? Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
June 2018 How can the UK persuade the EU to accept an all-UK backstop? Peter Holmes, Alasdair Smith UKTPO
May 2018 Why The Customs Partnership is Problematic Michael Gasiorek, Peter Holmes UKTPO
May 2018 Backstop V2: A Solution to Trade with the EU Post-Brexit Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
April 2018 A Customs Union with the EU? Jim Rollo, Peter Holmes UKTPO
March 2018 EU-UK Trade Relations Post-Brexit: Binding Constraints and Impossible Solutions Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
February 2018 Economists and Crystal Balls (the value and limitations of modelling) Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
February 2018 Which Manufacturing Sectors are Most Prone to Brexit Michael Gasiorek, Ilona Serwicka, Alasdair Smith UKTPO
January 2018 Certificates and Rules of Origin: The Experience of UK Firms Peter Holmes, Nick Jacob UKTPO
December 2017 Grandfathering: What might appear bilateral is in fact trilateral! (Briefing Paper) Peter Holmes,  Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
December 2017 Softer Brexit, Softer Irish Border Jim Rollo, Peter Holmes UKTPO
November 2017 The Ties That Bind Michael Gasiorek Prospect Magazine
November 2017 Trade and Consumers After Brexit Peter Holmes UKTPO
October 2017 Groundhog Day: Is the Government White Paper on Trade and Customs Bill a Step Forward? Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
September 2017 World Trade Data Shows Globalisation is Alive and Kicking Peter Holmes,  Michael Gasiorek The Conversation
September 2017 Grandfathering Free Trade Agreements and Rules of Origin: What might appear bilateral is in fact trilateral! (Blog) Peter Holmes,  Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
September 2017 Transition Made Easy Peter Holmes, L. Alan Winters, Erika Szyszczak UKTPO
August 2017 Government proposals on goods trade only cover first few weeks after Brexit Peter Holmes UKTPO
July 2017 Staying in the Customs Union; Neither Soft Nor Simple Peter Holmes Scottish Centre on European Relations
June 2017 UK Government’s Approach to Trade Policy Towards Developing Countries Needs Further Development Peter Holmes UKTPO
March 2017 “With or Without EU” – Priorities for The UK’s Four Trading Nations Post Brexit Michael Gasiorek, Jim Rollo UKTPO
February 2017 Response to Brexit White Paper: ‘full of wishes but light on detail’ Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
January 2017 Reaction to PM Theresa May’s Brexit speech Peter Holmes UKTPO
November 2016 A special deal for the car industry: how could it work? Peter Holmes UKTPO
November 2016 UK-EU Trade Relations After Brexit: Too Many Red Lines? Jim Rollo, Michael Gasiorek and Peter Holmes Chatham House
November 2016 Negotiating the UK’s Post-Brexit Trade Arrangements Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo, L. Alan Winters UKTPO
October 2016 Roos and rules: why the EEA is not the same as membership of the single market Peter Holmes UKTPO
September 2016 UK-Australia trade deal useful as a warm-up for tougher negotiations Michael Gasiorek UKTPO
September 2016 The UK trade landscape after Brexit Jim Rollo, Emily Lydgate and Rorden Wilkinson UKTPO
July 2016 Leaving the EU Customs Union: What is the issue? Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo UKTPO
July 2016 The World Trade Organisation: a safety net for a post-brexit UK trade policy? Jim Rollo, Peter Holmes, Ingo Borchert, Kamala Dawar, Alan Winters UKTPO
June 2016 The TTIP trade deal is lost at sea Peter Holmes The Conversation
April 2016 Fact Check: how much does the UK actually pay to the EU? Peter Holmes The Conversation
January 2016 Qualified market access: an economic, empirical and legal analysis Jim Rollo, Peter Holmes, Kamala Dawar and James H. Mathis Journal of International Trade
January 2015 Costs of trade and self-selection into exporting and importing: the case of Turkish manufacturing firms Michael Gasiorek, Basak Dalgic,Burcu Fazlioglu Economics
January 2015 The impact of GSP on developing country exports to the EU Michael Gasiorek, Francesca Foliano, Xavier Cirera Empirical Economics
April 2014 Blueprint for UK to leave EU shows just how hard it would be Jim Rollo, Michael Gasiorek and Peter Holmes The Conversation
March 2014 The tough road to a trade deal between the US and Europe Peter Holmes The Conversation
January 2014 Young, Small and Export Oriented – The Moroccan Winners Michael Gasiorek, Novella Bottini Globalization and Firm Dynamics: Lessons for Enterprise Policy
June 2013 The G8 talks trade, but the big deals are done elsewhere Peter Holmes The Conversation
January 2013 Potential Effects of the Proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on Selected Developing Countries Jim Rollo , Peter Holmes, Spencer Henson, Maximiliano Mendez Parra, Sarah Ollerenshaw, Javier Lopez Gonzalez, Xavier Cirera, Matteo Sandi Department for International Development
April 2012 The business environment and Moroccan firm productivity Michael Gasiorek, Patricia Augier, Marion Dovis Economics of Transition
January 2012 Trade and competition policy Pater Holmes, Kamala Dawar The Ashgate Research Companion to International Trade Policy
July 2011 A preliminary investigation into the effects of the changes in the EU’s GSP Michael Gasiorek, Javier López González ICTSD
July 2011 Has the EU’s generalised system of preferences been effective? Lessons for the future Michael Gasiorek ICTSD
January 2011 The impact of preferences on developing countries’ exports to the European Union: bilateral gravity modelling at the product level Michael Gasiorek, Francesca Foliano, Xavier Cirera University of Sussex
January 2011 Competition policy Peter Holmes , Kamala Dawar Preferential Trade Agreement Policies for Development: A Handbook
June 2010 Aiming for New Vigour: The UK in the Global Economy Jim Rollo, Vanessa Rossi Chatam house
May 2010 Border carbon adjustments and the potential for protectionism Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo, Tom Reilly Climate Policy
April 2010 EU Internal Market: Shaping a new Commission Agenda 2009-2014 Jim Rollo, Peter Holmes SEI
January 2010 Mid-term evaluation of the EU’s generalised system of preferences Michael Gasiorek, Javier Lopez Gonzalez, Peter Holmes, Maximiliano Mendez Parra, Jim Rollo,ZhenKun Wang, Maryla Maliszewska, Warsaw Wojciech Paczynski, Warsaw Xavier Cirera, Sussex Dirk Willenbockel,Sussex Sherman Robinson, Sussex Kamala Dawar The European Commission DG Trade
May 2009 The Financial Turmoil and EU Policy Co-operation in 2008 Peter Holmes, Lucia Quaglia, Robert Eastwood Journal of Common Market Studies
April 2009 Trade and Job Reallocation: Evidence for Morocco Michael Gasiorek, Novella Bottini World Bank Economic Review
March 2009 Trade and the Global Economic Crisis: Immediate Challenges and Long-term Threats Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo Chatam house
February 2009 Innocent bystanders: implications of an EU-India free trade agreement for excluded countries Peter Holmes, Jim Rollo, Alan Winters, Michael Gasiorek, Javier López González, Maximiliano Méndez Parra, Anirudh Shingal Commonwealth Secretariat
January 2009 Negotiation or Litigation? The Curiously Evolving Governance of the WTO Peter Holmes , Kamala Dawar The Law And Economics Of Globalisation: New Challenges for a World in flux
June 2008 Globalisation and Deep Integration Peter Holmes, Michael Gasiorek International Business and Management; Product Market Integration: A Multifaceted Approach
December 2007 Examining the Deep Integration Aspects of the EU-South Mediterranean Countries: Comparing the Barcelona Process and Neighbourhood Policy, the Case of Egypt Peter Holmes, Michael Gasiorek, Ghoneim, Ahmed F. Ghoneim FEMISE
September 2007 The Challenge of Negotiating RTA for Developing Countries: What Could the WTO do to Help Jim Rollo WTPO
September 2007 Relaxing rules of origin: Or can those PECS be flexed Michael Gasiorek , Patricia Augier, Charles Lai-Tong WTPO
January 2007 Global Europe: Old Mercantilist Wine in New Bottles? Jim Rollo Aussenwirtschaft
September 2004 Rules of Origin and the EU-Med Partnership: The Case of Textiles Patricia Augier, Michael Gasiorek, Charles Lai-Tong World Economy
September 2004 What role for the EPAs in the Caribbean Michael Gasiorek, Alan Winters World Economy
January 2004 Competition, Competitiveness And Development: Lessons From Developing Countries Peter Holmes, Philippe Brusick, Ana Maria Alvarez, L. Cernant UNCTAD
January 2004 The impact of a single currency in Europe on product markets: Theory and Evidence Michael Gasiorek, Russell Davidson, Steve Davies, Bruce Lyons, David Ulph, Richard Vaughan European Integration and the functioning of Product Markets
September 2003 Emerging Trends in WTO Dispute Settlement: Back to the GATT? Jim Rollo, Peter Holmes and Alasdair Young World Bank Washington DC
January 2003 Agriculture, the Structural Funds and the Budget after Enlargement Jim Rollo SEI
January 2003 Expanding WTO Rules? Should There Be WTO Rules On Competition, Investment, Trade Facilitation And Transparency In Government Procurement Jim Rollo, Cooke, John, Evans, Phil, Findlay, Lucy, Gray, Kevin, Jensen, Olivia, de Jonquières, Guy, Mardsen, Phillip, Orozco, Claudia, Paemen, Higo, Page, Sheila, Roberts, Christopher, Ruttley, Philippe, Razeen, Sally and Winters, L.Alan Federal Trust for education and research, London
January 2001 The welfare implications of trade liberalisation between the Southern Mediterranean and the EU Michael Gasiorek, Patricia Augier Applied Economics

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